Frank R. Walther

Frank R. Walther, born 1960, studied history, philosophy, and literature. After finishing university he began in 1987 to build up a new business in LAN communications for a PC wholesaler. Since 1988 he worked as seminary trainer in Novell networks environment. In 1989 he became one of the first Certified NetWare Instructors (CNI) in Germany. At the same time he became editorial board member of market leading magazine PC-NETZE.

In 1989 he founded his own business in data communication market called “Synapse: Mensch & Netzwerk” which then was transformed to today’s “Synapse Networks GmbH” in 2002.

Since 1991 Frank R. Walther only deals with LAN/WAN analysis, performing troubleshooting, audits and long-term monitoring.

In 1994 he released his “BANalyzer” database on LAN/WAN protocols.

In 2000–2003 he published books on data communication and MS Windows configuration (Markt+Technik / Pearson). These books had been standard literature for years.

Book: Networker’s Guide (2000, 2003)
Book: Registry Guide (2001)
Software: RegCheck (2001)

For ten years (1992–2002) Synapse was reseller of various US manufacturers of LAN analysis software (e.g. Triticom, Wild Packets, Network Instruments).

In 1996 Frank R. Walther started his own programming on LAN expert analysis. As soon as launching his own software to market in 2001/2002 he stopped reselling third party products.

Software: TraceMagic (2001)
Software: TraceCommander / MintMagic (2007)

From 2002 on Synapse only distributes the self-developed analysis software. Analysis services are performed with Synapse software as well.

Since 2010 Synapse is service provider, performing long-term network analysis for customers.

Since 2002 Frank R. Walther is owner and managi director of Synapse Networks GmbH.

Analysis business is covered by the label of Synalyst.