We provide our customers with software licenses -or- managed services, the latter including the analysis software.

The high degree of automation allows us to make good prices, being affordable to all customers.

Prices per month for analysis & monitoring as part of our managed services are within range of common prices for (one or few) IT technician man day(s) – all leased software included.

Customers provide the hardware (Windows PCs). Synapse Networks provides the analysis software.

Installing a single analysis agent just takes the quarter of an hour. Installing 10 analysis agents, the central event log collector as well as the event log filter engine can normally be done within a few hours.

In case of managed services customers provide Synapse Networks with remote access to the analysis computers via Internet and firewall (with analysis Pcs running in a separate VLAN for security reasons). Furthermore, customers provides us with access to a trouble ticket system (e.g. Sharepoint).

Synapse Networks checks analysis reports and creates trouble tickets as needed, Furthermore, Synapse Networks monitors work progress, and verifies if any action being taken by the technicians/administrators successfully elimiated errors and/or security problems.

Instead of distributing work orders on a random basis to multiple technicians and administrators on a random basis (because details of errors are unknown) it is much more efficient to create trouble tickets on basis of precise analysis, and reports, provided by Synapse Networks.

Action without reconnaissance is always more expensive than action based on intelligence.

Furthermore, customers will reduce costs being caused by downtime or security problems.

Subsequent urgent remedial measures are always more expensive than a preventive IT care based on regular, scheduled day work.